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Nexomon Game: Your Epic Turn-Based RPG Game

Nexomon is a fun role-playing game that recreates the mechanics of Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise. Heavily-inspired by its graphics, concepts, and gameplay, this game puts its own spin on this slick game.

Discover the World of Nexomon

In Nexomon Online, players are taken to a land of green scenery. Furthermore, it combines with modern aesthetics and few sci-fi elements with various types of advanced technologies, gadgets, and clothing. Players will take on the role of a new Nexomon Tamer. As a tamer, their main objective is to catch monsters in the wild, train them to level up abilities, and put them up against other monsters in battles with other trainers.

Explore Its Fun-Filled & Reminiscent Elements

Nexomon PC offers a fantastic gameplay. However, it is uncannily similar to the Pokemon Series, in which players will explore a world consisting of ten vast regions. Moreover, they will experience usual RPG mechanics and gameplay where you talk to NPCs, visit shops and hubs, and go on quests. In addition, the game has an extensive story campaign with a bunch of side missions to undertake.



This game offers over 300 Nexomon pocket monsters to catch, train, and evolve into new and powerful forms. As an addition to the collection, there are about 15 Legendary Nexomons, all of which are unique magical monsters that you must collect.

Battle With Legendary Nexomons

Nexomon creatures are used in turn-based battles, wherein players mainly choose the appropriate attacks to use to defeat the opponent. Each Nexomon comes with different attack skills. However, if players know that they can’t take their opponent down, an option to run from battle is also available.

There’s more to this game than catching monsters and taking on battles. Since the game revolves around Nexoworld, you will explore 10 colorful, vibrant regions. With the vast regions that you should explore, surely you will embark on an epic and exciting adventure in this game. So, play Nexomon on PC now.

Experience the Amazing 2D Graphics of Nexomon

When it comes to the graphics, there is no doubt that the game took inspiration from the iconic Pokemon series. Not only with its concept but as well as its 2D graphic artwork that reminds us of the Pokemon games series in Nintendo. However, the illustrations are incredibly detailed and more vibrant in the game, as well as the battles which feature smooth animations in this game.

If you want to bring back the feels of playing the popular monster catching game but on a different level, this game is a must-play. With its immersive story and incredible graphics, what more can you ask for? Experience monster catching and battling on a bigger screen with Nexomon PC. Download the free full version game here now!

Game Features

  • 2D and fully animated characters and monsters
  • Over 300 Nexomons to catch, train, and evolve
  • Embark on an epic adventure in 10 regions of Nexoworld
  • Battle powerful and challenging foes and be the best tamer of them all
  • 15 rare and mighty legendary Nexomons to find and catch.
Nexomon Features

Download & Play Nexomon on PC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Nexomon Game Screenshot
Nexomon Game Screenshot

Nexomon Game: Your Epic Turn-Based RPG Game