A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Nexomon PC

If you’re about to play the Nexomon game for the first time, this guide is a must-read. Here, we’ll walk you through all the things that we wish we could’ve known before starting the game. With these tips, your epic journey towards saving the world from the Nexomon King will be easier.

Collect Nexomons & Build Your Team

To start, you should try to catch and collect Nexomons to fill up your team. Remember that diversity of elements is the key to winning each battle. There will be a few empty spaces on your roster at the beginning of the game, so grabbing like 4-5 new ones is a great idea.

When building your team, make sure to balance it as well. Each Nexomon will be stronger or weaker against other types, depending on their element. It’s a good idea to make yourself familiar with that and try to cover every Nexomon type as possible in your roster. It should help you deal with any future threats and be able to battle with any Nexomon that will come your way.

It’s Okay to Back Down

You have the option to avoid certain battles in the game. Once your roster is full, you can focus on the campaign or story of the game for a bit as it makes the gameplay worthwhile. Sometimes, it’s unnecessary to go looking for fights when your hands are already filled with Nexomons.
Nexomon Game Potions

Save Your Potions & Check Your Inventory

Every town in the game has healing centers for Nexomons. Be sure to utilize that so you can save up your potions whenever you’re out on the road. Besides that, knowing what exactly you need when you go into a shop could save you a lot of time instead of going back and forth. This way, you can also make sure that you have something useful before hitting the road. But remember, do not waste your gold as they are very hard to come by.

Interact with NPCs

You will learn a little bit of everything just by talking to each NPC in Nexomon. You will be able to get valuable information and clues about where you should head on next and what you were supposed to do regarding certain tasks.

Switch Up Your Nexomons

Sometimes, when you’re having fun playing a couple of Nexomons, you may forget those that you’ve benched. Since you’re going to get tougher monsters along the way, if you have a couple of weaker ones, you can always send them to your box at training schools and pick them up later if you think you’ll be using them.

Explore Every Corner of Nexoworld

Make your way around each village or town and familiarize yourself with the locations you’re in. When the button pops up, it means that you can interact with that thing or person. So, the next time you play the Nexomon game, use these tips when it applies so you can have the best time while playing this game.

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