The Ultimate Guide to Your Very First Nexomon

At the start of the game, you will be given a chance to pick your very first Nexomon in a pool of Special Monsters. They will be your companion that will help you grow your roster from the ground up. But before you choose a Nexomon, you should be able to determine each element counters.

First off, it is important to know that Fire Nexomon will be strong against the plant and mineral type of Nexomon, but weak against the water type of Nexomon. While the water is strong against fire types, it is extremely weak against plant and electric types. On the other hand, plant types are strong against mineral and water types but are weak against fire and wind types. Even electric types have a normal to almost no effect on them.
Nexomon Game Sprunk
Aside from those, the electric type of Nexomons is strong against water and wind type Nexomons but weak to only one—the mineral type. Other than that, wind types are extremely strong against plant types and weak against electric types. Lastly, the mineral types are weak to fire, water, and plant Nexomons, so this type is definitely not the one you should start with.

Without further ado, here are a few of the best Nexomons to choose from. Make sure to check their stats and element type to know which one suits you best.


Vulazy is a special – normal type of Nexomon with decent stats. If you decide not to go with this Nexomon, you can find it in the East Home, East Ignitia. Fight it and catch it if you will.


Blizo is a special – mineral type of Nexomon with great stats. It has relatively high health, stamina, attack, and defense but comes a little low on speed. If you decide not to go with Blizo, you can still find it at the East Mountain Village after.


Fethra is a wind type of Nexomon with average stats, significantly higher than average attack power with good health, stamina, and defense but it comes a bit short on speed. If you decide not to go with Fethra, you can spot it in Mountain Passage after.


Bevy is a water type of Nexomon. This Nexomon falls on the average category, considering all stats. If you decide not to go with Bevy, you can find it in Khan’s Jungle after.


Sprunk is a fire type of Nexomon with relatively high attack, stamina, health, defense as well as speed. It is the jack of all trades based on stats. However, if you decide not to pick Sprunk, you can still spot him at South Ignitia after.


Velokitti is an electric type of Nexomon with good attack power and speed. However, its other stats are a bit low. If you decide not to go with it, can still find it in South Mountain Village after.


Petril is a plant type of Nexomon with good attack and high health. However, its other stats are coming on an average. If you decide not to go with Petril, you can still spot it in South Hidden Village.

Picking the right Nexomon for you will depend on how you are planning to play the battlefield. Each Nexomon type will always have a weakness, so it is up to you to make them stronger. In order to balance the advantages and disadvantages of your Nexomons, you must collect a Nexomon of each type to fill up your roster. In this way, you will have something up your sleeve whatever Nexomon you’ll be facing on the battlefield. Download Nexomon on your PC and play if for free!

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